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Innovatia Accelerator

We take on the toughest information challenges in the process industries

About Innovatia Accelerator

Creating simple solutions for complex problems.

At Innovatia Accelerator, we are committed to eliminating information caused incidents by deploying digital first solutions to support the connected worker and the modern learner in the process industries.

Our team is driven by the vision of empowering the connected worker with the critical operational content required to help them do the right thing every day.

We take on the toughest information challenges in the process industries by applying leading edge knowledge management fundamentals with innovative digital tools.



About Accelerator KMS

The AcceleratorKMS (previously Procedure Accelerator) is a purpose-built and industry-leading Knowledge Management System for critical operational content.

The digital system includes “Procedure Lifecycle Management (PLCM),” a "Connected Worker Platform (CWP)," a "Learner Experience Platform (LXP)," a “Component Content Management System (CCMS),” and a “Quality Management System (QMS).”

The combined capability facilitates solutions to many critical problems experienced in workplaces across America and around the World.  The system provides an integrated digital content ecosystem in an easy-to-use and intuitive package focused on making the complex simple.


We Love our clients

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