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The full AcceleratorKMS suite for helping you on your digital transformation journey.

For creating procedures and content faster
Single source of truth
AcceleratorKMS becomes your organization’s single source of truth for digital field information and components within the CCMS. Easy access to information means improved wrench times.
Component based authoring and content reuse
Procedures are segmented into components which can be reused to create new procedures and documents quicker, with less mistakes.
Accelerator AI Authoring
Our patented Accelerator authoring method makes procedure creation quick and painless with easy content reuse.
Content tagging
Content within AcceleratorKMS is chunked and tagged with metadata so workers can find it with ease.
Change it once change it everywhere single source updater
Change documents across multiple facilities and locations with one click.
Link multimedia to procedures
Insert photos, videos, and more into any document or procedure.
Procedure templates
Procedure templates can be created for specific pieces of equipment or processes unique to your operation.
Content cloning
Clone pieces of content to create newer, updated pieces of content.
Traditional procedure export
Need a paper procedure? No worries. Export any procedure or document within AcceleratorKMS into a traditional procedure and print.
Multi-language procedure writing
Procedures and learning content can easily be translated from one language to another making it easier to run multiple sites.
Automated Document Control
Automated and triggered reviews
Management knows immediately when to review content after workers give feedback on it and every step of the review process is tracked.
Automatic formatting
Procedures and training content are automatically formatted so content can be reused and is responsive on desktop/mobile.
SharePoint & SharePoint 365 Sync
Features to help workers work easier and safer.
Mobile field worker content access application
Workers can access all operational content and training materials using AcceleratorKMS on any mobile or desktop device.
Interactive procedures and reference content
Procedures react and update as field workers progress through their daily tasks.
Role-based work instruction delivery
Procedures and training materials are only available to roles they are assigned to, such as field operator, pump operator…
Assign, track, and monitor job progress in real-time
Connect and collaborate with colleagues
Instantly see and interact with the progress of your team members while in the field.
Capture data in the field
Record temperatures, ID numbers, and more.
Designed for use with training manuals, company policies and standards, HSSE, equipment specifications, and more.
Intermittent Wireless Connectivity
Field workers can enter areas with little to no internet connectivity then sync their progress when back on site.
Instant worker feedback
Workers can leave comments on procedures or content to let management know something is wrong with the procedure or equipment.
Features to make your workers better
Learning content integrated into flow of work
Multimedia, videos, manuals, and more can be attached to learning content so workers can follow along while in the field.
Track usage and support competency management
See learning progress in real-time, and limit learning opportunities to workers with specific classifications or met requirements.
Self-serve eLearning
Workers can learn on their own time and at their own pace, with access to training content and multimedia on a mobile device.
Link learning content to procedures
Jump between a procedure and learning content with one touch.
Improve content though feedback and ranking
Workers can let management know procedures and training materials need improvement, or which ones provide the best value.
Interactive learning modules & quizzes
Scorm compliant export to LMS with quiz questions
Incident “lessons learned”
Create learning content based around lessons learned from incidents or near misses.
Training plans
Create and manage training plans for each employee. Employees are able to take charge of their progression through a transparent training plan flow. Reduce the administrative burden of managing user training plans.
Perform and track technical training assessments in the field, advance training records through inflow procedure execution.
Features to help your monitor the situation
Generate reports to drive continuous improvement
Generate reports in one touch to dive deeper into data points, training, reviews, and your operational history.
Assign, track, and monitor job progress in real-time
Domain Access Control
Control what locations, facilities, departments, and employees see within AcceleratorKMS.
Streamline audit reporting
Export operational info for audits in seconds.
Automated content review cycle
Content needing review always reaches the right people, in the right order when it needs editing.
Organic and collaborative reviews
Organic reviews let workers recommend corrections to content to extend their review date. Collaborative reviews allow multiple users to work together to correct content.
Procedure expiration workflows
Management is automatically notified as content becomes out of date so it can be reviewed.
Role-based reviews
Version control
Management can see every version of a document as it is edited over time. However, only the most recent version is available to workers in order to prevent possible incidents.
Revision Tracking
All edits made to content in AcceleratorKMS are tracked.
Procedure completion history
Analyze the completion history of each procedure to ensure they are being used correctly and frequently.
Completion data API
Export completion history for procedure or training content to Business Analytics (BA) or Business Intelligence (BI) software.
Human and machine readable data output
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