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Take your digital transformation to the front-line.

Innovatia Accelerator Inc. takes a strategic approach in deploying digital knowledge management systems to your operation. Our seasoned team creates purpose-built strategic plans to guide your organization towards realizing the value of digital transformation at the front-line.

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The path to front-line digital sustainability

Innovatia Accelerator has a track record of successful digital transformations including complex systems implementation, system integration, and enterprise change management. We are committed to tailoring a strategic approach to adopting a connected worker platform while fitting a client’s overall vision for digitally transforming operations. Our goal is to set them on a path to long-term digital sustainability.

Working together, we consult customers on the integration of digital knowledge systems and the broader digital transformation to set the foundation for digital sustainability and efficiencies.

A multidisciplinary and collaborative team will bring expertise from critical areas to ensure your digital success:

  • Digital content architecture
  • Customer success
  • Training and user on-boarding
  • Program and project management
  • Integration services

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Digital Transformation tailored to you

Innovatia Accelerator Inc. is experienced in delivering fit for purpose solutions to work for your business. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company looking to bring digital to the front-line at 500 sites globally or you're working on transforming a single manufacturing facility that is the crown jewel of your company, we are here to partner with you and bring expertise and experience to make the digital transformation journey successful.

Our team guides you through the entire process of implementation, strategic planning, and digital content architecture. Our Customer Success Team will then continue with you for the life of your initiative.

Additionally, Innovatia Accelerator Inc. can provide services such as:

  • Corporate Information Architecture activities and deliverables
  • Content digitization planning and road mapping
  • Content digitization services
  • Additional IT and integration services

Innovatia Accelerator already has a track record of successfully implementing digital transformation at many of the world’s leading oil & gas and energy organizations. Find out why today.


Streamlining change management

Innovatia Accelerator Inc. leads clients through the change management process using a blended approach utilizing highly intuitive software with self-serve learning options, supplemented by instructor-led training sessions with Customer Success and Software experts. 

Both the implementation of these methods and other change management decisions must be specific to how your organization and its field workers operate day-to-day. For example, a change management decision to give all field workers tablets can be problematic if they are too large for certain tasks. An intrinsically safe mobile phone may be more fitting for certain jobs or roles.

Streamlining the change management process and adoption is critical to the success of a large-scale digital transformation.

Innovatia also handles change management for applying human factors to digital content for worker accessibility and usability.

For information on how Innovatia Accelerator handles change management for digital content, click here.

For information on how change management is handled for onboarding, click here.


A proven methodology for success

Innovatia Accelerator Inc. provides personalized services for organizations seeking to adopt digital field technology, digital procedures, and continue their connected worker journey. Strategic planning, configuration, governance, and information modelling are all critical elements of a sustainable digital system.

Our team will also address:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project and program management
  • Digital standards and best practices
  • Digital governance
  • Customized system configuration
  • Change management discussions
  • Administration training 

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