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Accelerator (Colour) with white font

Purpose Built For 

High-Reliability Organizations

Eliminate Information-caused Incidents in the Field


Accelerator (Colour) with white font

Purpose Built for  high reliability organizations

Eliminate Information-caused Incidents in the Field

increase productivity with mobile worker technology

DIGITALly transform YOUR OPERATION for success


With AcceleratorKMS organizations can:

• Eliminate information-caused incidents

• Equip workers with mobile-ready content

• Review and evergreen information

• Streamline authoring and save costs

• Monitor work and find efficiencies

• Decrease time and money spent during onboarding



Save time and money with AI-Assisted authoring

Author content in seconds

Never start a document from scratch again. Our patented Accelerator authoring technology reduces the time it takes to create procedures by up to 91% No more waiting, just grab a procedure template and dive in. 

The Content Reuse Engine in AcceleratorKMS also remembers inputs and makes procedure writing a hands-off experience.





All the operational content workers need is digitally tracked, recorded, and measured

Instant feedback in the field

See procedure adherence to compliance increased by up to 99%.Track and report on every interaction, training activity, procedure completion/revision, and more. Reduce administrative and Subject Matter Expert (SME) involvement in procedure reviews as workers give feedback on errors and incorrect content.

Bring the benefit potential associated with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and data collection to the human capital side of the operation


Instant social feedback in the field

Make accurate revisions faster

Reduce time spent by Subject Matter Expert (SME) reviewing procedures and content by up to 68%.

Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Content authored within AcceleratorKMS receive feedback directly from workers in the field for faster, more accurate revisions and reduced administrative effort. Make knowledge sharing a best practice at your organization.



Critical information accessible anywhere on mobile

Any time, anywhere, any Device

Increase wrench time by up to 7.1% due to easy access knowledge and operational content.

AcceleratorKMS is the single source of organizational knowledge for operators who need instant access to content no matter where they are, when it is, or what device they are on. Author procedures, view training content, collaborate, and see critical safety information on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. 



Industry-leading Features in the palm of your hand

The Accelerator provides an integrated digital content ecosystem in an easy-to-use and intuitive package focused on making the complex simple. Our goal is to make information easier to find for front-line workers, making operations safer. 


Eliminate Information-Caused Incidents

increase procedure use by upto 267% and keep workers safe


Reduce the chance of human error by giving workers instant access to digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), policies, and training content on a mobile device.

 Reduce the chance of information-caused incidents through standardizing all operational content, and make it easier to use with AI-assisted procedure authoring.

 Reduce administrative involvement and management effort as standardization reduces the overall amount of operational content your petroleum, manufacturing, chemical, energy, agriculture, or forestry operation uses day-to-day.

All of your organization's critical operational materials can also be connected to SharePoint or SharePoint 365 for content backups.




Manage the quality of procedures and content with ease

spend more time on critical operational tasks

Using AcceleratorKMS (previously Procedure Accelerator), organizations can see up to a 95% decrease in man hours when reviewing procedures, a 90% decrease in asset procedures requiring review, and a 95% reduction in the effort associated with ongoing annual procedure reviews.


Make procedure and content reviews easy by allowing field workers to take part in the review process by leaving feedback while in the flow of work.

Reduce the administrative effort of ongoing annual and organic reviews by allowing AcceleratorKMS to prioritize only the most critical procedures and content for updates. Use version control and revision tracking to roll back updates.

Reduce administrative effort further by pushing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and content updates to multiple facilities or locations.

Reduce human error by implementing domain access control and filtering what content users and departments can see.



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Deliver and Monitor Digital Information from the front-line



Improve operations efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and ensure competency with the ability to monitor workers as they complete tasks and training content.

Create process improvements with streamlined audit and compliance reporting for procedure adherence and review requirements.

Make processes faster by giving fieldworkers flexibility while waiting on assets or other tasks to be complete.

Transmit critical communication to your deskless workforce by setting a site-wide message for all AcceleratorKMS users.

For a deeper look into how your facility and workers perform, integrate AcceleratorKMS (previously Procedure Accelerator) with your current Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA) or Asset Performance Management (APM) systems.


Learn about our Customers and Their Industries

See how AcceleratorKMS standardizes work, makes it easier to execute, and safer for frontline workers in Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Energy, Food Manufacturing, and Forestry.



The field worker's preferred way to learn

Make learning convenient and always available


Reduce Subject Matter Expert (SME) involvement and let workers contribute to the bottom line faster by enabling learning and onboarding in the flow of work..

Ensure workers are always knowledgeable and safe by continually reinforcing learning through self-serve, role-based, and interactive learning options.

Stop wasting time by giving workers the ability to use digital procedures offline or in low connectivity zones.

Connect the Learner Experience Platform (LXP) in AcceleratorKMS to your existing Learning Management System (LMS) today to take advantage of Scorm compliant content exporting


Adaptable to all connected technologies

AcceleratorKMS is fully compatible with augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearables. Provide hands-free virtual instructions, videos, training materials, and multimedia in the flow of work, in any location.

  • Fully compatible with existing intrinsically-safe hands-free head mounted tables/computers
  • Enable collaborative problem solving
  • Limit radio communications and site visits
  • Remote guidance of tasks
  • Hands-free reference documents for tasks such as maintenance, LOTO, and inspections.
  • Take photos and video hands-free
  • Video chat with technicians
  • Hands-free voice control

Giving field workers the ability to go hands-free is also perfect for organizations seeking to reduce SME involvement, as operators and SMEs can now communicate effortlessly and give peer feedback without needing to travel to the worksite.



The Future of Digital Content Management for Critical Operational Content white paper to learn more about how a CCMS-based Connected Worker Platform can revolutionize the way your organization manages critical operational content.


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