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Purpose Built For 

High-Reliability Organizations

Eliminate Information-caused Incidents in the Field




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Accelerator (Colour) with white font

Purpose Built For 

High-Reliability Organizations

Eliminate Information-caused Incidents in the Field


Accelerator (Colour) with white font

Purpose Built for  high reliability organizations

Eliminate Information-caused Incidents in the Field

increase productivity with mobile worker technology


The AcceleratorKMS is a purpose-built and industry-leading Knowledge Management System for critical operational content.

AcceleratorKMS is the solution to help your organization:

• Eliminate information-caused incidents

• Equip workers with mobile-ready content

• Review and evergreen information

• Streamline authoring and save costs

• Monitor work and find efficiencies

• Decrease time and money spent during onboarding

The combined capability of AcceleratorKMS facilitates digital solutions to problems experienced by all process manufacturers across America and around the World. If you see these issues in your operations, AcceleratorKMS is the solution.



Save time and money with AI-Assisted authoring

Author content in seconds

Our patented AI-Assisted authoring helps your organization create procedures at light-speed. No more waiting, just grab a procedure template and dive in. 

The Content Reuse Engine in AcceleratorKMS remembers inputs and helps you keep workers informed faster. Never start from scratch again.




All the operational content workers need is digitally tracked, recorded, and measured

Instant feedback in the field

With content authored and delivered in a digital framework, each interaction with the content, training activity, procedure completion or revision, can be recorded and reported. Bring the benefit potential associated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data collection to the human capital side of the operation


Instant social feedback in the field

AcceleratorKMS is the digital triplet to your digital twin

AcceleratorKMS is focused on human performance and giving you the information you need to determine if workers are performing tasks correctly, or if they need additional in-field training. 

Keep track of progress for startups and turnarounds, and for all other high-risk tasks.


Critical information accessible anywhere on mobile

Any time, anywhere, any Device

AcceleratorKMS is the single source of organizational knowledge for operators who need instant access to content no matter where they are, when it is, or what device they are on. Author procedures, view training content, collaborate, and see critical safety information on desktop, tablet, or mobile. 


Industry-leading Features in the palm of your hand

The Accelerator provides an integrated digital content ecosystem in an easy-to-use and intuitive package focused on making the complex simple. Our goal is to make information easier to find for front-line workers, making operations safer. 


Eliminate Information-Caused Incidents

Keep workers safe during high-risk tasks

AcceleratorKMS is designed to ensure the information your workers are getting is always the most concise, up-to-date information available.

AI-Assisted authoring ensures workers are creating content and procedures with standardized terminology and safety information. The content reuse engine remembers inputs and helps workers reuse previous procedural content to create new content. 

The automated feedback cycle prompts workers to review and update procedures through workflow triggers to ensure workers always see the latest version.


Keep workers safe with digitized content


Digital procedures and content are standardized within AcceleratorKMS, providing easy-to-read information for front-line workers in high-risk situations.

No more flipping through pages in a binder to find the next step in a plant shutdown. Workers know exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it, just by looking at a mobile device.

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Deliver and Monitor Digital Information from the front-line

AcceleratorKMS delivers critical operational content anywhere, anytime, on any device and integrates the Asset Performance Management (APM) system with day-to-day operations.

AcceleratorKMS is human performance focused in the same way digital twins are focused on asset performance management. Manage and monitor your workers, their onboarding, and critical operational content or processes with AcceleratorKMS, the digital triplet.

Innovatia Accelerator is sensitive to change management issues, and the system is easy and cost-effective to deploy.

Make the AcceleratorKMS the knowledge foundation of your Connected Worker Platform (CWP). 


Learn about our Customers and Their Industries

See how AcceleratorKMS standardizes work, makes it easier to execute, and safer for frontline workers in Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Energy, Food Manufacturing, and Forestry.



Train Workers to Be Their Best

Supporting the Modern Learner

AcceleratorKMS comes complete with features to help your workforce grow and evolve.

Continually reinforce learning and provide ready access to the most relevant content for all roles in your frontline.

Display and curate learning content in the same interface as operational content, on a mobile device to facilitate “Learning in the flow of work”. 

AcceleratorKMS is the solution for organizations seeking to lower onboarding time and costs.


Be Accountable

Insights, Transparency and Accountability

The AcceleratorKMS provides insights and transparency into operations that have been locked away in filing cabinets for decades.

Provide transparency into the completion status and next steps in an operational path.

Report and give insights into operational and learning trends to drive continuous improvement. 

Automate compliance reporting regarding procedure adherence and review requirements. 


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