The Knowledge Management System for Critical Content in Your High-reliability Digital Workplace

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The Knowledge Management System for critical content in your high-reliability operation.

Make efficiencies throughout your entire operation

With the knowledge foundation for the digitally connected environment 

Procedure Lifecycle Management (PLCM)

AcceleratorKMS is purpose-built to manage every part of the procedure lifecycle for

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Asset Operating Procedures (AOP)
  • Turnaround Procedures
  • Commissioning Testing Procedures (CTP)
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Unit Operating Procedures (UOP)
  • Checklists
  • Policies


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Deliver and Monitor Digital Information from the front-line (CWP)

AcceleratorKMS delivers the critical operational content anywhere, anytime, on any device and integrates the Asset Performance Management (APM) system with day-to-day operations.

AcceleratorKMS is human performance focused in the same way digital twins are focused on asset performance management. Manage and monitor your workers, their onboarding, and critical operational content or processes with AcceleratorKMS, the digital triplet.

Innovatia Accelerator is sensitive to change management issues, and the system is easy and cost-effective to deploy.

Make AcceleratorKMS the knowledge foundation of your Connected Worker Platform (CWP). 

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As a Component Content Management System (CCMS)

The AcceleratorKMS reduces the overall administrative load of managing large volumes of content and drives standardization through intelligent content reuse.

The content creation features packed in AcceleratorKMS can improve productivity and best practices in operations. Patented Accelerator Authoring with our Content Reuse Engine makes procedure creation fast and easy.


Integrated Digital Learning Content (LXP)

The AcceleratorKMS supports the modern learner by contextually connecting learning content and learning opportunities to operational content to streamline learning in the flow of work.

On-demand and contextually connected digital learning content is transformational to how an organization trains front-line workers.

The AcceleratorKMS delivers:

  • Training Manuals
  • Lessons Learned
  • Company Policies and Standards
  • HSSE
  • Competency Support
  • Equipment Specs

Make the AcceleratorKMS your Learner Experience Platform (LXP) for front-line workers and connect training to the task-based content that front-line workers use every day like procedures and checklists.


As a Quality Management System (QMS)

The AcceleratorKMS enforces that connected workers have the most up-to-date content for connected workers and streamlines audit reporting by leveraging customizable and automated workflows.

Procedures and content never go out-of-date using the Content Feedback Cycle in AcceleratorKMS, keeping front-line workers safe and knowledgeable by telling users when content needs to be reviewed.


Create procedures in seconds

Minimize procedure authoring time by up to 90%

AcceleratorKMS captures the most important information about your procedures and assets to help your organization create content quicker with templates and AI assistance.

Govern the creation, publishing and lifecycle of content to provide credible, up-to-date and trusted content.

Take advantage of single-source authoring and content reuse.


AI-Assisted Template Authoring

AI-Assisted Template Authoring in AcceleratorKMS is a patented method for creating and managing large numbers of highly specific content that share a common functional or asset-specific purpose. Use AcceleratorKMS templates for asset-specific procedures relating to pumps, cracking units, tanks, and other critical infrastructure.

The solution also remembers and predicts your choices when creating procedures to make following procedures easier to create for everyone on your team.

See the video for how Accelerator Template Authoring works.

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Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Design

Made for the modern learner and complex operations

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver accessible, easy to use and intuitive procedures, training material and support content to make doing the right thing easy.

The easy-to-use and intuitive design of AcceleratorKMS allows front-line workers to access the information they need, and leave feedback for continuous improvement and reliability - anytime, anywhere on any device.

If you can surf the web, you can use AcceleratorKMS.



About Accelerator KMS

The AcceleratorKMS is a purpose-built and industry-leading Knowledge Management System for critical operational content.

The digital system includes “Procedure Lifecycle Management (PLCM),” a "Connected Worker Platform (CWP)," a "Learner Experience Platform (LXP)," a “Component Content Management System (CCMS),” and a “Quality Management System (QMS).”

The combined capability facilitates solutions to many critical problems experienced in workplaces across America and around the World.  The system provides an integrated digital content ecosystem in an easy-to-use and intuitive package focused on making the complex simple.

This is real digital innovation for our front-line employees.
Operations Manager
Texas Oil Refinery
The Accelerator procedure is so much easier to follow, it’s clear and laid out perfectly. I’ve attached the muddled procedure we have been following over the years. I am very excited to use the Accelerator one and I will gladly torch this old one! I loved working with your team! Please pass on my high fives to everyone.
Control Room Operator
Chemical Plant
It’s great to see our supplier delivering on the promised capabilities.
Director of PSM
Vertically Integrated Energy Company
I view this new system as a massive leap forward. I provide a garbage can of low-quality content and it comes back a beautiful procedure.
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Process Engineer
European Refinery
It's about time we moved into the modern world, the old system was archaic.
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Field Operator
Louisiana Refinery


The Future of Digital Content Management for Critical Operational Content white paper to learn more about how a CCMS-based Connected Worker Platform can revolutionize the way your organization manages critical operational content.


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