The industry-leading     

knowledge management solution

to eliminate human error in process industries




The industry-leading     

knowledge management solution

to eliminate human error in process industries







More Accurate, More Efficient, More Reliable






The AcceleratorKMS is transformational. It can help process industries keep procedures current and optimize costs while meeting compliance regulations.

More Accurate,

More Efficient,

More Reliable

The AcceleratorKMS is transformational. It can help process industries embrace digital transformation and empower the modern workforce with digital tools.



Oil & Gas

Improve reliability and standardization in operations, startups, shutdowns and turnarounds, and commissioning by delivering front-line workers up-to-date and easy-to-use procedures, and support information.

Industrial manufacturing organizations world-wide are pressured to produce continuously while avoiding minor and major incidents that impact production, effectiveness, reliability and potentially the environment, and the health of workers. The AcceleratorKMS is the knowledge foundation for complex process operations providing process environments with a digital knowledge ecosystem that operators can rely upon.

AcceleratorKMS is used by the largest vertically integrated energy businesses to improve safety, reliability, and productivity by supporting standardization of work.


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Chemical Processing

Create smart electronic procedures and ensure best practices for hazardous chemicals, ventilation, product handling, spill containment, waste management and more.

AcceleratorKMS is preventing environmental impacts, rises in insurance premiums, lost time and revenue, and equipment failure. These issues can critically impact the business after only one incident. A robust digital knowledge ecosystem accessible at the point of need ensures tasks are done right the first time, to protect your organization from information-caused incidents.

AcceleratorKMS ensures workers are supported with the best, most up-to-date content available and have an easy and reliable method for contributing to continuous improvement in their operation.



AcceleratorKMS is the smart solution for digital operational content in power generation facilities where task execution must be flawless, every time.

Power generation industries operate under some of the most stringent environmental and safety regulations in the world. Each asset has numerous operating phases and correlating procedures that require constant updating. With thousands of assets, it is a struggle to keep procedures up-to-date without a robust digital governance, management and delivery system.

AcceleratorKMS is an innovative, web-based software system that dramatically reduces the time and effort required to create, maintain and execute asset-level standard operating procedures in complex industrial environments.

Ensure operational compliance, best practices, and safety through our always-connected Knowledge Management System.


ISO 27001 Compliant

The AcceleratorKMS is consistently evaluated against other solutions and is generally accepted to be the most modern procedure lifecycle management solution during gap analysis and RFP processes.

AcceleratorKMS and Innovatia Accelerator are routinely evaluated in detail and the AcceleratorKMS has been deemed favourite by dozens of technical teams, user groups, and SME teams, as well as Innovatia Accelerator being the preferred company against competitors for the breadth of experience in knowledge management and exceptional track record with past clients. 

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This is real digital innovation for our front-line employees.
Operations Manager
Texas Oil Refinery
The Accelerator procedure is so much easier to follow, it’s clear and laid out perfectly. I’ve attached the muddled procedure we have been following over the years. I am very excited to use the Accelerator and I will gladly torch this old one! I loved working with your team! Please pass on my high fives to everyone.
Control Room Operator
Chemical Plant
It’s great to see our supplier delivering on the promised capabilities.
Director of PSM
Vertically Integrated Energy Company
I view this new system as a massive leap forward. I provide a garbage can of low-quality content and it comes back a beautiful procedure.
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Process Engineer
European Refinery
Its about time we moved into the modern world, the old system was archaic.
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Field Operator
Louisiana Refinery


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